Super Sistas, Unsung Sheroes

We’re ready to help 10,000 women just like you to become cryptocurrency investors. Our education program will show you how to truly build generational wealth.

Destination: Financial Freedom

The mission of the #GetCryptoWithMe investment education campaign is to help the backbone of our nation grab hold of their place in the future of finance.

Instead of being left out of the next wave of wealth – again – we are bring those conversations directly to you. So let’s talk wealth, sistas!

The Super Sistas Yearbook

A quarterly magazine dedicated to sharing the stories of women crypto investors. They’re your colleagues, neighbors, sistas, friends.

We’re celebrating the strides of women of color in the cryptocurrency space by telling their stories so you can grow your financial power, too!

Golden bitcoins. Cryptocurrency on computer motherboard.
Woman looking at tablet to manage cryptocurrency investments

12 Cities. 10k Women. $25M Donated.

We want to help YOU become a trailblazer paving the way to your own financial freedom through digital currency and cutting-edge technologies.

Through proper education – not hype – we want to show you how to take calculated risks in a simulated environment. You’ll get the hang of trading long before you ever invest your own money.

For those dedicated sistas who complete our full training program, your first live investment is on us! That’s right, we’ll give you real money to invest just for being committed to learning.

We Prioritize Transaction Security

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Celebrate Unsung Sheroes.
Get the Yearbook!

Think that cryptocurrency and blockchain are just for young, tech-savvy geeks? You’re wrong!

Meet 9 Super Sistas – everyday women doing extraordinary things – in our kickoff yearbook issue!

Already in the game? Share your story with us for a chance to be featured in a future issue! Just tag your video or snapshot with #MyCryptoStory on Instagram or Facebook.

Sheroes don't let fear steal from their legacy.

The first step is up to you. Conquering new horizons can be scary, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our program gives you a solid foundation, plus community and sisterhood. We rise together. Are you ready?

Design Your Own Legacy

Learn how women just like you have found financial freedom through trading cryptocurrency, blockchain, and foreign currency. 

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Brave Girls Trade is committed to building personal wealth and the freedom it provides.

Our movement isn’t about the things you can buy with more money. It’s about building a legacy for the future and generational wealth for our families. It’s the luxury of knowing that you’re safe, secure, and thriving.

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What Our Clients Said

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